25 October 2013

Time flew by...

I can see how much I am not a fan of writing when I look at my neglected blog.  I was the one in school that used to dislike journaling.  Why did I think doing a blog was a good idea?

Anyway, it is once again the start of holiday craft fairs for me.  Halloween is just next week, and today is the start of the three day craft fair at the Neal Blaisdell.  I have a few more free passes if anyone  wants passes to avoid the $3 per person admission fee.  Wednesday's paper had some $1 discount coupons.  Every 15 minutes there are prize giveaways.

13 May 2013

Haven't really wrote anything in a while.

Organizing things because I can not sew at the moment.  I thought I'd post a few pictures since I have neglected my blog.

I'm not sure where to start, random ones I guess.

21 November 2012

End of the year craft fairs...  

03 November 2012

Special horns.

One thing that I had in my sketch book for a while was a unicorn.  I finally figured out how to make a spiral horn.

The first horn I made(unfortunately I have no picture of the horn) was a big mess.  At first I though I could just cut a strip of material sew it up and *sparkle sparkle* a horn. That did not happen, I guess I did not say magical words.  I then tried to use a needle and thread to try and fix it.  Still did not work.

Broke out the seam ripper and used some other magical words since I forgot to use a temporary stitch.  Trimmed places that I marked.

My desk had several different types of horns. Long and skinny, short and fat, green, white, black, etc... I searched my trimmings bin for large sized pieces and they became horns.  I took a break from the horn pattern.  I might take it out again soon and see if I can fine tune it a bit more.

It gets added onto my list of hand stitched items.  Which has started to grow very large.

Just the other day I caught up with some hand stitch work.  Finishing of hats and sock animals.  My pointer finger needs a rest from holding the needle.  I also broke my thread trimmer the other week.  I on the hunt for a replacement.  I hope I can find one that is like the one I was using.

25 July 2012


Time flys.   From a few weeks in January/Feburary I spent on the Big Island(Hawaii) and now it is already the end of July and I realize I have not been keeping up with this blog.  Nor have I been processing any of my Little frog®  photos.